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We Design.

We Develop.

We Deliver.

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At Fathom3 we design, develop and deliver products & services that save lives.

We are a multi-disciplinary innovation and development hub creating products and services that save lives and help industries become technologically advanced.

We believe in the problem solved by anticipating the needs of customers and delighting them with unique innovative solutions.

Our cognitively diverse teams work autonomously to provide our customers with innovation and development expertise across the entire development spectrum; from end-to-end.

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Our approach to product development is strongly rooted in our values.

Fathom3 We Design

New technologies are researched and created, enhanced materials are formulated in our labs and disruptive market opportunities are unearthed. Our research and design teams are pipelining tomorrow's technologies, products, services and businesses.

Fathom3 We Develop

A cognitively diverse mix of mechanical engineers, product designers, industrial designers, electronic engineers, software developers, UX designers, platform developers and scientists develop innovative new products and services for a variety of markets.

Fathom3 We Deliver

Unlike many design and 

development companies, we don't stop once the development is over. Our solutions are prototyped, manufactured and rigorously tested (often on customer sites) ensuring a smooth operational handover.

We Design.

We Develop.

We Deliver.

Fathom3 Collaboration

Our values support our development approach, underpin our culture and shape our vision.

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We are pioneers

We try new things, learn, adapt and move forward. We encourage our teams to be brave, be dynamic and explore the seemingly impossible.

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A-Safe Fathom3

Our customers form an integral part of our development process.

Fathom3 designs, develops and delivers solutions for the ThreeSmith Group, including A-SAFE and their blue-chip customers. 

We believe innovation begins with truly understanding our customers pains and needs so being close to them is critical to our success.

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Our teams are creative, diverse, energetic and passionate.

The team at Fathom3 is made up of an eclectic mix of skills, talent and experiences. We believe that a team built on cognitive diversity like ours has the best chance of developing new ideas and disruptive solutions.​

We operate under a matrix management structure and actively encourage our people to poke their nose in projects that they wouldn't normally contribute to. This 'cross pollination' stimulates thoughts and ideas that would have otherwise never been heard.


Senior Fullstack and iOS/Android Mobile Developer

As fullstack Developer and an active member of the GB F3F Racing team, Mark is motivated to achieve his personal best and produce outstanding user centric software solutions to address customer requirements.

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The Team
West Yorkshire

We are a local company with a global reach.

Our state of the art headquarters are in Elland, West Yorkshire, a short drive from both Leeds and Manchester, but with a global network available to us, including offices in the East Midlands and Malaga, our teams are literally located everywhere.

Headquarters - Elland, West Yorkshire, UK

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Remote Office - Castle Donnington, East Midlands, UK

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Remote Office - Malaga, Spain

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We're looking for creative, innovative and talented people just like you.

Our teams are growing. We are building a team capable of tackling many different challenges that require the skills of mechanical engineers, product designers, electronic engineers, software developers, materials scientists, UX designers and many more.

If you would like to know more then please contact us using the below details or visit our recruitment site for further details.

We are Hiring
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